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Moteur de recherche objet Art Africain
Moteur de recherche objet Art Africain


The site of Pearl Art facelift.

Welcome to all.

It has been 5 years since Pearl Art was born, and on the occasion of this anniversary, we wanted to offer a site more attractive, more dynamic.
As a preview, here is our new series of works of African art in ebony, bronze and new necklaces
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Buveuse de noix de coco à genou
Statue en bois d'ébène stylisée représentant la femme africaine.
119.00 €
Penseur en acajou
Statue en bois d'acajou représentant le penseur de Rodin revisité par l'Afrique.
109.00 €
Hippopotame en acajou
Hippopotame en acajou massif de 81 Kilos et taillé dans la masse.
2 199.00 € 5 399.00 €
Perle du Monde
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During the consultation of our shop and the gallery ,you will perform a crucial meeting with Togolese craft industry.Young artists place at your disposal a neat work with a concern of the detail, heart, passion and patience.Moreover, the objects are bought at the fairest price and some of the profits will be used to create a craft center where those who are talented will be able to freely express and these same people may also form Young budding artists.




Industrialized countries have made us holy consumers But today, you're everyone
through the acquisition of these works of "consomacteurs" through each of your purchases you participate to the fabulous adventure trade fair and balanced which is taking place around these young Togolese.A sturdy chain whose every link is important.You are therefore key players without whom nothing is possible.For the moment we only deliver to Europe and the United States.For other countries, contact us before ordering to find out the delivery details.